• Feelings map

    October 4th, 2015

    I and Justina Norkutė-Širin were commissioned to create illustrations for the stand. Our main task was to find a graphic way to unite 3 zones: harmony/chaos/wishes. Unite 54 sound emotions, and to adapt some brand book elements.

    The thing had to be not too abstract and yet not so personal.Really interesting project, involving different professionals – psychologists, sound designers, architects.

    This project was initiated by organization “Vaiku linija” which specializes at psychological help to children and teenagers.The final result is an interactive stand located in a public area.jausmu_zemelapis_kaunas6_15_10_03a jausmu_zemelapis_kaunas3_15_10_03a jausmu_zemelapis_kaunas10_15_10_03a jausmu_zemelapis_kaunas8_15_10_03a jausmu_zemelapis_kaunas4_15_10_03a

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